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Alessandra Cassini Psychotherapist

Alessandra is a fully accredited and experienced Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapist registered with the U.K.C.P. and the A.C.P.P.

She works with adults on a one to one basis, and offers both long and short term therapeutic support to individuals with concerns related to physical conditions, gender and sexual identity, anxiety,
depression, bereavement and loss, stress in relationship and
existential crisis.

She has a private practice in Plymouth and has recently joined our Lostwithiel Complementary Health Clinic offering Counseling and Psychotherapeutic sessions on Saturdays.

Therapy sessions run weekly for 60 minutes, at the same agreed time, to guarantee stability and continuity.

The first session is very important as it offers both the practitioner and the client the opportunity to meet each other and get a sense of whether they can work together. The client can ask questions, talk about themselves and their concerns or mention any other specific issues they might have. Both parties will then decide how to proceed.

It is usually good practice to meet initially for a minimum of
six sessions, after which there will be periodic reviews of the work to make sure the client’s needs are fully met.

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To book an appointment, you can contact the Lostwithiel Clinic at 01208-872867 or contact Alessandra directly at 07490-155066


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