Massage & Reflexology

Rachel Fisher AoR.APNT, CNHC – Healing Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology

Rachel Fisher has been therapist for over 19 years.  She has been using the Clinic since its inception for personalised treatments of Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork Therapy, Massage and Reflexology. She has many techniques she can use to do this: Swedish Massage, Fascial Unwinding, TMJ protocols, Reflexology, Holistic Medical Massage, Remedial massage and more.  Rachel specialises in Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork Therapy and is currently training to be be a tutor. This is a gentle hands on technique that helps to release tethers and adhesions in and around scars after trauma or operations.  It is suitable for old or new scars and may help alleviate tension and sensitivity around scars.  The focus is not on improving the outward look of the scar but dealing with the underlying tissue issues which when resolved may often improve the appearance of the scar.

For more information, get in touch with Rachel by phone on             07971 007331.

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