Jess Birmingham BA Hons, LicAc, MBAcC  Paediatric Acupuncturist 

Jess practises Japanese acupuncture in Cornwall, as taught by her teacher, Kiiko Matsumoto. This style of acupuncture has its roots in the Classics of ancient China, like the more familiar Chinese
acupuncture, and has been developed by Japanese Masters. It is
characterised by very light needle technique making it well suited to western sensitivities.

She also practises Shonishin, which is a gentle, effective alternative to acupuncture for small children which doesn’t penetrate the skin at all. It involves a variety of specialised instruments with rounded ends that are rubbed and pressed rather than inserted.

These treatment techniques are used for a wide variety of paediatric problems from birth to about seven years old. Shonishin (show-knee-shin) translates as “small children needle” and is a unique,
specialised form of acupuncture developed in Japan.

For more information and Jess’s contact details visit Jess’s website.

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